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Visual intro

Let's discover Plotyl JS visual in 5 min.

What you'll need

Getting Started

  1. Import the visual from Appsource in Power BI Desktop.

    Import the visual from Appsource

    On the Visualizations pane, click on ... and select Get more visuals

  2. Type PlotlyJS in the search bar to find the visual:

    Search PlotlyJS Visual in Appsource

    Then click on the PlotlyJS Visual icon to open the visual page.

    PlotlyJS Visual in Appsource page

  3. Click on Add to load the visual into Power BI Desktop.

  4. Switch the visual to PlotlyJS Visual by clicking on the PlotlyJS Visual icon.

    Switch the visual to PlotlyJS

  5. Assign data to the visual:

    Assign data to the visual

    Click on +Add data under the Data section of the panel and select columns from the table that you would like to be included in the visualization.

  6. Switch to edit mode by clicking on ... to open the visual menu and selecting Edit.

    Assign data to the visual

    The visual will open in focus mode and will launch Chart studio.

    Chart studio is the editing environment for PlotlyJS Visuals

Configuring the Simple Chart

  1. Click on the +Trace button to start configuring the chart

    Add trace button

  2. Switch the trace by clicking on Scatter type:

    Default trace after select

  3. Select the Line chart:

    Simple trace list

  4. Assign columns to X and Y axes

    Simple trace list

    The result:

    Line chart

  5. Save the chart by selecting Save/load / JSON tab and clicking on the Save button

    Line chart

  6. Click on the Back to report button to exit from the Chart studio and see the result:

    Line chart in view mode